Yoga for pregnancy gives you time to connect to the changes in your body and your growing baby. Whether you go to a class or practice at home – giving yourself a little time each week (or more often if possible) to really connect back in to your body and allowing yourself to slow down can be invaluable. Not only is it great physically with your changing body it can also help prepare you for birth and post-natally.

The movements that we do are fluid and often repetitive so many are easy to remember and do at home in your own time. As your hormone levels change you may become more flexible during pregnancy so a lot of the exercises are based around movement and strengthening being careful not to over-exert or over-stretch.

I will be adding a few articles and videos to my website of yoga poses and movements that you can do at home in your own time. In the mean time find out about joining a pregnancy yoga class here.

Kara xXx