I love sharing the tools that Yoga has given me to live a happier, healthier life and seeing how Yoga can enrich your life

Yoga can make you physically stronger, more supple and energised and mentally more grounded and focused. It can make you not just healthier but also happier when you cultivate that mind-body connection.

I am deeply passionate about the physiological benefits of yoga with emphasis on mindfulness in practice. Having been involved in sports all my life as an athlete, coach and yoga instructor, I have experienced first-hand how mobility and strengthening can positively affect both performance and general wellbeing.

In my study of Psychology at UCL, I came to appreciate the strong link between physical wellbeing and psychological wellbeing. From both reading the literature/research on this connection and anecdotal evidence from loved ones, I developed great appreciation of how it works both ways; to be physically active improves mental wellbeing and to be mindful can improve your physiology.

I took my initial Yoga teacher training in Bali. Having studied human biology and anatomy at university I had a strong background in physiology which I have furthered with additional courses and workshops in specialist areas, as well as my Advanced Teacher Training with TriYoga London.

I feel privileged to share my passion for yoga with so many people. Take a look around my website to find out more about yoga and how it can benefit you.

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Live a happier, healthier life