Yoga for Strength, Mobility and Balance

Yoga for Athletes

Having been involved in rowing and ultra running myself, as well as working with several sports teams and individual athletes, I have a clear understanding of how yoga can positively influence both performance and athlete wellbeing.

Increasing strength of muscles, joint stability and mobility of the athletes can not only positively influence performance but also helps prevent injury. Yoga is a great way of promoting ‘pre-hab’ – looking after your body to prevent injury before it occurs. So often athletes get injured, partake in rehab (often including yoga style exercises) and then give up on these fundamental strength, stability and mobility promoting exercises only to find the injury returns.

I have vast experience working with teams or individuals in a variety of settings and to meet many different needs and can bring along equipment such as mats and straps where needed. Working closely with both coaches and athletes is important to ensure the yoga programme can be tailored to meet the individual needs of the athletes and the programme as a whole.

To see how yoga can help your athlete programme or yourself as an individual athlete email me at

Increase Performance / Reduce Injury