SUP Yoga or Stand up Paddleboard Yoga is a way to both connect with nature and practice yoga. If you are a water baby like me then it is such a great way to combine two of your passions. I love getting out on my SUP and going on a mini adventure – it reminds me of when I used to row – but it is too much nicer to go forward with your head up so you can appreciate everything around you!! I love getting out on the river, on lakes or on the sea (they are also great for surfing!)

I love doing yoga or teaching yoga on SUPs for many reasons. One of the main things that I love is the extra feedback from balancing on a wobbly board. e.g. in down dog you really feel that you have to have hands and feet evenly weighted to balance the board. It is also such a freeing feeling to get out in the fresh air and take some time out of your day.

There are so many places in the UK and round the world that you can rent boards and even take SUP yoga classes.Or if you’re looking to get a sup there are loads of great deals on amazon as well as loads of great retailers if you have a little look around. Generally I use an all rounder from Neptune Sups which I can paddle and also do yoga on 🙂 Then I also use a Naish race board for paddling (which is a lot harder to balance for yoga!) Check out some links to boards you can buy on Amazon below.

In the future I hope to set up some classes or organise a SUP yoga retreat to share SUP yoga with more of you!

Check out this video of me doing SUP Yoga :