“You can’t pour from an empty cup” – This is one of my favourite quotes to remind myself of when I am feeling overwhelmed or run down. It isn’t selfish to make time for yourself to recharge and spend energy/effort on caring for yourself. It makes you a better person for other people too – they also receive the benefits.

Here are some ways I like to recharge, many take only a couple of minutes but make all the difference.

1. Stretch it out – even if you don’t have a regular yoga practice take a few moments to just be in your body and see how it moves. Try moving the spine in different ways or sitting crossed legs on the floor. Find a few minutes to have a little wriggle – even if it is just while the kettle boils each morning.

2. Light a candle – this always helps me relax – whatever I am doing. I try and spend a couple of minutes just watching the flame and smelling the scent just to clear my mind for whatever task ahead.

3. Do something you love or you have always wanted to do. Schedule it in and make it a priority! Often we do have the time if we make it happen by scheduling it into our weekly timetable.

4. Read more – or listen to audiobooks. Find a topic you love and it is an instant way to unwind.

5. Up your heart rate – even a few minutes of star jumps or running is enough to energise you and get you back on track. Sometimes it is just what you need.

6. Get outside – connecting with nature is a great way to de-stress and unwind. It sounds weird but I like to take off my shoes and connect with the earth – so often I need that grounding feeling!

7. Make yourself something nourishing – put care into what you are going to put into your body. That is going to fuel your energy – so fill your food with love.

What are your favourite ways to look after yourself or give yourself a little boost/moment of calm?