So I get asked this a lot by newbies – what should I wear to yoga? Here are my main criteria- including some links to super cool yoga gear.

  1. This is the most important one! – wear something that allows you to move comfortably – you want to be able to flow in and out of positions easily. This may be some tight fitting lycra or baggy cotton – whatever feels good for you and allows you to move!!
  2. Wear something quite tight fitting on top (or at least one layer tight fitting) – so that when you go into inversions (upside-down) you don’t have to keep pulling your top down.
  3. Wear fabrics that work well for you – natural fabrics such as bamboo and cotton are really great for those that don’t react well to synthetics and luckily there are loads of yoga brands that specialise in this. Carrotbananapeach and Asquith are two gorgeous brands.
  4. You can find casual clothes or clothes designed for other sports that will be great for yoga. Don’t restrict yourself to yoga brands (also places like TK Maxx stock some great yoga gear at discounted prices).
  5. If you want to then make it fun & you’re feeling adventurous then there is the most incredibly funky yoga gear out there! No one is judging in yoga class so have fun and wear cool patterns or shapes that you may not wear anywhere else!

Ok here are some of my top places to buy yoga clothes. Yogarebel is a great UK site that stocks Onsie, Teeki, Alo and Spiritual Gangster (to name but a few). ActiveinStyle and Hip and Healthy are also great and stock many brands. I can’t go without mentioning Lululemon, they totally dominate the market and for good reason – amazing quality well fitting kit for men and women (pricy but worth it & their sale section is fab! They also have a discount store in Bicester Village).

Let me know what your favourite brands are? or what you like to wear to class?